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お客様の課題は私たちの課題。The customer's challenges are our challenges.

微力ではございますが、お客様のモーターコア生産合理化のお手伝いをさせていただければ幸いです。 At Hashimoto Kikai, we specialize in high-speed presses and peripheral equipment for motor core production, ranging from 1250 to 4000 kN. We propose high-spec, cost-effective press lines tailored to your requirements for the press main body, press accessories, and peripheral equipment. In today's society, key terms such as "preventing global warming" and "reducing CO2 emissions" revolve around "electrification." High-performance motor cores are indispensable for the proliferation of electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and energy-efficient home appliances. While our contribution may be modest, we are honored to assist in streamlining your motor core production for greater efficiency.




01.Sales of high-speed presses and peripheral equipment.


High-speed presses for the production of motor cores ranging from 1250 to 4000 kN have become a specialty of our company. This enables us to propose high-performance and cost-effective press lines, streamlining our customers' manufacturing processes. For approximately 25 years, we have been handling high-speed presses in the motor core industry, engaging in promotional activities and conducting business such as specification meetings.



02.Total support including maintenance.


At our company, even after the sale of products, we provide ongoing maintenance services to support our customers' businesses in a long-term and stable manner. Our maintenance services aim to ensure the proper operation of the products and to detect and resolve potential issues at an early stage.

Key Points of Maintenance.
  • 1. 定期点検と保守作業当社のエキスパートチームが、製品の定期点検および保守作業を実施し、効率的な動作を確認します。
  • 2. 技術サポート製品の使用中に疑問やトラブルが発生した場合、迅速な技術サポートを提供し、お客様の製造プロセスの中断を最小限に抑えます。
  • 3. トータルサポート製品だけでなく、それを取り巻く環境や周辺装置にまで目を配り、お客様のビジネスに関する包括的なサポートを提供します。
  • 1.Regular Inspections and MaintenanceOur expert team conducts regular inspections and maintenance of the products to ensure their efficient operation.
  • 2.Technical SupportIn case of any questions or issues during the use of our products, we provide prompt technical support to minimize disruptions in our customers' manufacturing processes.
  • 3.Total SupportWe provide comprehensive support for our customers' businesses, not only for the products but also by paying attention to the surrounding environment and peripheral devices.



03.VAMCO service operations.


Mr.Inaba (pictured on the far left), who has accumulated 30 years of experience as a serviceman at a press maker, was dispatched to the VAMCO headquarters (in Pittsburgh, USA) where he underwent three weeks of training on the maintenance of VAMCO equipment. As a result, we started providing service operations for VAMCO equipment from October 2022. In our VAMCO service operations, while receiving remote support from both VAMCO headquarters and VAMCO Shanghai, we will promptly and reliably carry out fault diagnosis, parts arrangement, and repairs for our customers' VAMCO feeders and transfer motors.

Features of the Service.
  • 1. エキスパートによるトレーニング稲葉氏の30年にわたるサービス経験を基に、VAMCO製品の専門的なトレーニングを行い、最高水準のサービスを提供しています。
  • 2. リモートサポートの迅速な対応VAMCO本社およびVAMCO上海のエキスパートがリモートでサポート。お客様の要望に素早く対応し、効果的な問題解決を実現します。
  • 3. 緊急対応体制故障やトラブルが発生した場合、迅速に駆けつけ、緊急時でもお客様のプロダクションを確実にサポートいたします。
  • 1.Expert TrainingBased on Mr. Inaba's 30 years of service experience, we conduct specialized training for VAMCO products and provide the highest level of service.
  • 2.Prompt Response in Remote SupportExperts from VAMCO headquarters and VAMCO Shanghai provide support remotely. We quickly respond to customer requests and achieve effective problem resolution.
  • 3.Emergency ResponseSystem In the event of a malfunction or trouble, we promptly respond and ensure reliable support for our customers' production even in emergencies.


In VAMCO service operations, we provide the latest technology and experienced support to ensure that our customers' production lines continue to operate smoothly.


サーボフィーダ(送り装置)Servo feeder

回転積層用サーボモータServo motor for die rotation



スクラップカッタScrap cutter

噴霧式塗油装置Lubrication Device

防音ケースNoise Proof Enclosure

高速プレスHigh-Speed Press